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Goals and Objectives

The overarching goal of the Task Force on Behavior Change is to act as knowledge broker between the behavioural research insights and those working to conserve biodiversity. This is increasingly important as there is a growing interest in efforts to influence human behavior across conservation practitioners, even though training and guidance in behavioural sciences is still lacking in most contexts where conservation takes place. This Task Force will act as an authority, convening a diverse and multidisciplinary group of experts to produce guidance documents that can help amplify the use of the knowledge collected across the behavioural sciences for conserving biodiversity. Will also offer guidance to other groups on a topic that is increasingly understood to be crucial for successful conservation.

Key Objectives 2021-2025

1 /

Carry out a consultation across SSC, CEC and other relevant stakeholders to identify barriers to the use of behavioural change science in conservation science, alongside what support would be most valuable. 

2 /

Map out the institutional landscape of other groups also working in behavioural science and sustainability to maximize synergies.

3 /

Produce and publish guidelines for high quality behavioural interventions in the context of biodiversity conservation. 

4 /

Develop freely accessible training materials and modules that can help build capacity across IUCN and more broadly in the biodiversity conservation space, most likely through an online platform

5 /

Produce an authoritative review of knowledge in the field to be published Open Access in the journal Annual Reviews.

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